Monday, November 2, 2009

Humpty Dumpty writing

We wrote stories about Humpty Dumpty today. We looked at a picture of him and made a list of clothes and then we did our writing. Here are some of the stories we liked the best.

Can you guess why we liked them?

Humpty Dumpty is oval like an egg. He looks like a magician. His smiley face looks like a cheeky monkey. CN

He has a red tie and he has a red jacket. He has yellow stretchy socks. And he is an egg. MR

Humpty Dumpty has got a red jacket. It is red like lava. He has yellow socks that are yellow like a top of a gluestick. Humpty Dumpty is round like a circle. AL

Humpty Dumpty is jolly like Santa. He has a red bow tie. He has a red jacket with a black collar. JMC

Humpty Dumpty has long yellow socks that are like the sun. Humpty Dumpty has a bow tie and a black and red hat on. Humpty Dumpty looks like an oval egg. GV


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