Friday, February 12, 2010

Link to 2010 blog

Ms F is not working in one classroom at the moment! She is the e-Learning lead teacher for Year 0-2 at SPS right now. Click below to follow the link to her current blog which she is facilitating with a group of Year 1 and 2 Digikidz who are training to support their friends and teachers in Pods 1 and 2 with expertise in e-Learning. Come and see what they are doing because they're really clever!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Letter of the Week Jj

We did a circle map using images from Google to show our ideas for our letter of the week. Can you guess what it is? Do you know its sound? We also took some photos of something we have lots of in our class. Can you guess what these are? They all start with a 'j'.

SPS Gala

We did a mindmap of words to describe our Gala. Can you spot the descriptive words? Who do you think has done the best job?
I went to the school gala and I had a pony ride and it was bumpy. I liked the gala because it was very fun. CN
I went to the gala and I had a fizzy drink and it was very cold. I went to the clowns stall where you have to throw a ball into the clown's mouth and at the end you get a toy. And my Dad and my sister came with me. GV
At the weekend I went to the school gala. And I threw the ball at the cans of coke and I won a prize of a can of coke. I got a bag of candy floss that looked like a fluffy cloud. HW
Yesterday I went to the school gala. And I had fun. I liked my racing car. I did the clown thing. MR
I did go on the bouncy castles. I had candy floss. I bought a big ball. BH
Yesterday I went to the school gala and I did the can throwing. I did the clown game and I got a lollipop that looked like a gumball. AL
At the weekend I went to the school gala and I got my face painted like a dalmation. My face was colourful like a rainbow. And I went on the pirate ship twice. JMC
On Sunday I went to the school gala and I won a truck. It was red and it had HX on it. It was fun and I went on the pirate ship ride and I got candy floss. LMc

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Letter Jj

Today we did handwriting of j letter. we had to think of things that start with j.

The Queen of Hearts writing

This morning we watched a video from Alice in wonderland and then we did writing. We had to write what she looks like what she sounds like and if we like her,. Noone did. if you want to wotch the video click on the blue word video.

I don't like the Queen of hearts because she is bossy and mean. The Queen of hearts' dress is black and white and red like a ladybird and she is too tall. CN
She is angry like a dinosaur. I don't like her because she is bossy. She has a red dress with a white trim at the bottom of the dress. She sounds like a gorilla. MR
I hate the Queen of hearts. She is bossy and when she is really angry she goes red in the face. She gets really furious and she sounds like she will blow up! I really don't like her. AL
The Queen of hearts is really mean like a bully. Her voice sounds low. I don't like her because she's mean. Under her dress the stripes remind me of a bee. JMC
The Queen of hearts is really mean and she has a loud voice like thunder. The Queen of hearts sounds like an angry monster. Her dress looks like a ladybird. GV

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nutty about nouns

Today Busy Bumblebees were learning about nouns and verbs. We learned that nouns can be the names of people, places or things and looked in a picture to find as many nouns as we could. Can you see any other nouns in the picture?

Mass and Weight

We started weight today in maths and we did a mindmap of words that we know to do with weight. Can you think of any other words we need to know to help us with measuring?