Monday, June 29, 2009

Fruit Bowl Artwork

Here are some of our fruit bowl art works. Can you name all the different fruits? Ms F

Letter of the Week Rr

We worked together today to find objects that begin with this week's letter of the week Rr and objects that do not begin with Rr. We thought that we would use the colour red for the Rr objects because red starts with an r too. Ms F

Letter of the Week Rr

We made a slideshow as a class today for our letter of the week this week which is Rr. We took turns taking photos with the digital camera and then we chose all the special effects together as a whole class. Some people liked some things and others didn't so we needed to vote each time to be fair!
Ms F

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fruit Kidpix

Ms F has finally managed to get some of our Kidpix drawings onto the class blog! We only have a few to share at the moment. Can you guess what fruit we tried to draw? This is our first time using Kidpix and we had fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Funny Food Faces!

Yesterday in writing we made some food faces with bread! We used something fruit or vegetables for the eyes, nose, mouth and hair. We thought the faces looked very funny! We did some great writing describing what the faces looked like. We had to think about the colours, shapes and size of the fruit and vegetables. We are going to choose the 4 best pieces of writing to be published next week.

(Photos replaced using as slideshow previously shared using bubbleshare).

Here is our fabulous writing. Can you guess what the faces looked like?

The face has an orange carrot nos. The eyes are green circles. BH

My face has a carrot nose and it has spaghetti hair. It is curly and it is hard. JMC

The eyes are green circles. My face has yellow worms for hair. It looks sparkly. The colourful face has an orange nose. CN

My face has a little tomato nose and grape eyes. SR

My face has got a red tomato nose. CA

The grape is oval and purple. The cherry has a stem. The mouth is a tomato a red tomato. It looks like a moon. The tomato is little. SB

My hair looks like green lettuce. The cherries are purple. I wanted hair like spaghetti. I need to make another toast. The mouth will be a banana. AS

It has a mandarin. It has a nose that is a mushroom that is upside down. The tomato is the red eyes that look like the sun. AL

My face has a raisin mouth. It has a red tomato nose. It has oval grapes for eyes. MRZ

My face is long. The hair is hard spirals. The eyes are round. It has green eyes. HW

The little tomato eyes look like a red sun. It has curly sprouts for the hair and the big mushroom is the nose. And the orange mandarin is the mouth. PM

My face has carrot hair. It has grapes for eyes. LMcC

My face is a bread face. It has brown raisins for a mouth. ES

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shape Slideshow by IR

Shape Slideshow by AS

Shape Slideshow by SB

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2D Shapes Slideshow

We went for a walk around our playground and took turns taking photos of 2D and 3D shapes. Then we practised putting them into a slideshow using the smartboard and the data projector. Some of us are going to make our own slideshows next week. We had lots of fun trying the different effects! Come and look again soon for more slideshows.

2D Shapes Slideshow

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lemon Tasting!

We did a lemon tasting as a motivation for our writing sample this Term. Most of us weren't too keen on the taste but some of us liked it! We did a mindmap using our senses to come up with some good descriptive words to help us do great writing. Can you think of anything we could have added?

Where does food come from?

Watch this video clip and answer these questions: What do we need food for? What are 2 places we can get food from? Where do fruit and vegetables come from? What 3 animals can we get milk from? What bird other than a hen gives us eggs?

The Gingerbread Man

Watch this uTube video. How many different 2D shapes can you spot in the characters and backgrounds?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Letter of the Week Gg

We worked in a group with the Teacher aide today to find things in our magic box that start with the letter Gg. We found g can make 2 different sounds. We put the things into two groups to show the two different sounds g can make. We matched word labels to the things in the box. Then we did a worksheet and had to find all the things beginning with g.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Food Rainbow Similes

The apples are round like balls. The tomatoes are red like the sunset. HW

Strawberries, raspberries, apples and watermelon are my favourite and red lettuce. AS

The oranges are like an orange ball. The pumpkin are orange like a bumblebee. ES

The carrots are orange like a ball that is light orange. GV

Carrots look like fingers and oranges look like balls and pumpkin looks like a big ball too! Anon

Bananas are yellow like the sun. And lemons are like a sour worm or a drink. AL

Bananas are like a phone. IR

The bananas are yellow like the sun. The lemons are yellow like a yellow star. LMcC

The broccoli are green like trees. The lettuce is green like grass. BH

The broccoli are like a tree. The peas are like little balls. IR

The blueberries look like a packet of peas and the blackberries look like dirty dog footprints. PM

The blackberries are blue like the blue sky. The blueberries are like the sea. MR

The eggplant are violet like a sunset. The kumara are violet like purple jelly. JMC

Purple and violet grapes are like jingly bells. An eggplant looks like a stalk. A kumara looks like a purple pear. KND

The cauliflowers are white like fluffy, white clouds. The garlic is white like popcorn. CN

The white mushrooms are like an umbrella. The white cauliflower is like a cloud. The round potatoes are like balls. SB

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Food Rainbow!

We wrote similes today in writing. We made a word bank of all the different fruits and vegetables for each colour of the rainbow. We did lots of talking with different buddies and Ms F put the timer on so we could tell when to stop thinking of ideas and share with the class. Can you think of any fruit and vegetables we have missed? We found blue and violet tricky colours. We are going to publish our similes soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Ravenous Beast

We watched the Ravenous Beast by Niamh Sharkey on dvd today and we tried really hard to find out what ravenous means. After watching the dvd we think it is the hungriest of them all because that's what all the animals in the story say! We made a list of all the different words that describe how the animals eat in the story.

Wordle: ravenous beast
After that we did a venn diagram for the little white mouse and the marmalade cat from the story to see how they are the same and different. We tried hard to underline the adjectives and adverbs.