Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Herbie Writing

Today we watched some excerpts from the Herbie movie with all the other children in Pod 1. We helped make a mind map with lots of ideas about what he looks like, sounds like and what kind of car Herbie is! Then we did some drawings thinking about showing some of Herbie's personality. Then we took photos of our drawings and made a photostory. We typed our ideas into it. Ms F is going to load the photostory tomorrow.

Here is the finished photostory. We chose the music from the songs we are learning this Term and because it's about a car. Can you listen carefully to find out what kind of car the song is about? (Clue: It's not about a Beetle)!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Transport Mindmap

Here are all our ideas about Transport...

Wordle: transport room8

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The evolution of dance!

We have just started a fun unit on dance this week. We did a mindmap of out ideas about dance and then we watched a video and added more ideas. We added our 2nd lot of ideas in red, look at everything we thought of after watching the clip! Can you think of anything else we could add?

Disney's Cars

We watched the 'Cars' clip today with Room 1 and we talked about all the different features of the vehicles. We learned two new words: spoiler and mags and we talked about all the different reasons why the vehicles have their particular features. A lot of us had seen the movie 'Cars' so we could share ideas about the car's personalities too. We did a mindmap together to help us with our writing and then after we'd finished our writing we chose some excellent examples to be published here.

Mater is rusty and he has a hook. He is Lightning Mcqueen's friend. He pulls cars out of the mud and when cars have lost a wheel. AL
Sally is blue and fast. She has 2 doors and polished wheels. ES
Rookie is a rectangle shape. On the side he has a number it is ninety-five. MR
Sally is blue like the sky. She looks fast and she is a posh car. Sally is shiny like a diamond and she is polished. KND
Lightning Mcqueen is red and he is nice because he has a smile. CN
Sally is a nice car. She is blue like sky. She is a posh and beautiful girl. SB

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival

Watch this video by Abby and Zach. Make a list of all the things that need to be done to get a hot air balloon up in the air? Choose one of the hot air balloons and write a description.

We are making hot air balloons out of papier mache for art and we have hung our balloons up in the classroom to dry.

Unfortunately something's gone wrong with this one! Can you figure out what's happened to it?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Watch this clip and describe what Chitty Chitty Bang Bang looks like when he is flying? Imagine you are riding in the car - what can you see? What do the people on the ground think about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Disney's Cars

Watch this clip and choose a vehicle to describe. Think about its colour, shape, size, features, part in the story.

Donald's Duck!

Watch this clip and see what kind of engine you think Duck is. Can you describe his personality? What does Donald think about Duck? What do you think about how Duck and Donald behaved?

Budgie the Little Helicopter

Watch this short clip and see what different vehicles you can spot. What kind of character do you think Budgie is? What can you see him doing that helps you with your opinion?

After we watched this clip we created a mindmap and used it to help us do great writing. We are getting good at finding words in a word bank and copy them accurately. We chose some good examples of writing that fit the criteria to share.

Budgie is a helpful helicopter. Budgie has a yellow cap with a blue B on it. Budgie has a blue body. Budgie's sound is brrrr. GV
Budgie has a yellow cap with a B on. He has blades on him that go trrrrrr. Budgie is nice. JMC
Budgie is very kind to other vehicles. He would help them when there is an emergency. Budgie is mainly blue and yellow and he has a yellow cap with a blue B on it. If Budgie was real he would be a very good friend to have. I like Budgie. KND
I watched a video about Budgie is helpful because he saved the train. He is blue and he has a yellow cap on. AS
Budgie is kind he has a B on his hat. He has a blue body. The propellor goes like this: brrrrrrrrr!!! SB