Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

We learned the nursery rhyme Peter Peter Pumkin Eater today and we did lots of talking about the kind of person we think Peter is.

We used the yellow, black and red hats to record ideas and then we did some writing. Have a read and see if you agree with our opinions, we tried hard to use similes to make our writing more interesting.

Peter couldn't keep her so he put her in a pumpkin and it was stinky like a skunk. Peter is as angry as a t-rex looking for dinner. JMC
Peter couldn't keep his wife so he put her in a pumpkin and it was gooey. Peter was mean like a scary dinosaur. When his wife ran away he was sad. GV
Peter put his wife in a pumpkin and it was gooey and it was not a good idea. He was angry like a crocodile so he put her in a pumpkin. CN
Peter Peter pumpkin eater put his wife in a pumpkin and it was sticky like glue and gooey like jam. He is really mad like a bull. AL
Peter put his wife in a pumpkin and it was gooey like a fish. Peter was angry like a dinosaur or the meanest t-rex. I don't like him. MR

The letter 'Ee'

We did the letter 'Ee' for handwriting today and so we thought of different things beginning with an 'e' with a buddy and then we shared back to Ms F and she typed them into a wordle for us. Can you tell the things most people said? Can you think of anything else we could have said?

Wordle: letter e

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letter of the Week Ll

We found pictures of things that start with the letter L on Google images and in the SMART notebook library. Can you name all the pictures in our circle chart? Can you think of anything else that starts with an L that we haven't got already?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jack and Jill Writing

We read Jack and Jill last week and did some writing about the things they do in the rhyme and what we think about them because of their actions. Do you agree with us? We used our word bank to make our writing more interesting, can you find the words we used in it?

Jack is helpful because he fetched the pail of water for his mum and dad to wash their hands. JT

Jack and Jill were helpful to their mum. Jack was strong to carry the bucket. Jack fell down the hill. SR

Jack is a kind and helpful boy because he fetched the bucket. JE

Jack and Jill went up the hill to get some water but Jack was clumsy. He is not good at climbing. CM

Jack is a kind boy. His mum told him to get a bucket of water. He is clumsy. HW

Jack is clumsy because he fell down and broke his crown. DC

Jack is strong to carry the bucket. He walked down and fell. Jack fell over his shoelaces. BH

Jack is a kind and helpful boy to get the water in the bucket. MNB

Jack and Jill went up the hill. The bucket was heavy because it is full of water. Jack fell down the hill and Jill came tumbling down the hill because she is clumsy. ES

Jack be Nimble Writing

We did some writing about Jack be Nimble. We thought about whether we thought Jack was a good boy or a naughty boy.

Read our writing and see if you agree with us! Can you find the similes in some of our work?

I don't like Jack because he can burn himself. Jack is naughty like a cat. MRz

I don't like Jack because it is dangerous jumping over fires. He is dangerous like a lion. JD

I don't like Jack because he is naughty like a dog. It is not a good idea to jump over a candle. CN

I don't like Jack because he is dangerous like a dragon. Jack is tough like iron man. He is silly like a clown when he jumps over the candlestick. MR

I don't like Jack because he is naughty like Gizmo and Rex when they were playing with Christmas decorations. JMC

I like Jack because he can run fast like a cheetah. Jack is brave like Booster and strong like Batman. AL

Jack be Nimble Nursery Rhyme

We learned Jack be Nimble as our poem last week and we did some work using rhyming words based on the riddle rhymes at:
Can you find the rhyming word in the poem that matches the words we changed?
He's using mortar to make them stick,
Watch him place the next red brick.
Tap, tap, tap on the shell so thick,
Then out will come the baby chick.
He was so happy, that guy named Nick,
That with his heel he gave a kick.
He wanted the fly but he had to be quick,
With his tongue he gave a lick.
Jack saw the ball, he got there quick
And with his foot he gave a kick.
He really didn't feel well that little guy named Rick,
In fact he was feeling awfully awfully sick.
Benny's new watch played a trick
It never went tock it only went tick.
Can you think of any other rhyming words we could use?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Letter of the Week Gg

Lots of us are still having trouble learning the sound for the letter Gg. We did an activity this morning to show that most words that start with G have a 'g' sound at the beginning and only sometimes words start with a G where it makes a 'j' sound. Did we put all the objects in the correct place? Can you think of more ?

Gala Mufti Day

Last Wednesday we had a fun mufti day to raise money for our school Gala which is coming up on 22nd November. We had to wear mismatching clothes and had lots of giggles checking out the different outfits. The teachers and children dressed up. We did some writing to describe the things we saw and we took photos but we remembered not to show faces to make sure we were being cybersafe. Can you spot the clothes that are mismatched? You need to look carefully because some things are tricky to find! Can you see what Ms F did that was odd? Can you see the photos that match our writing?
I have five pony tails in my hair and it looks cute. I am wearing a jersey that has stripes on it. I am wearing stockings that are stripy. GV
At mismatching mufti day I'm wearing a t-shirt back to front. I was wearing a boot and a sandle. I'm wearing spots and plain and stripes. JMC
I have a spiky mohawk with blue, red and green food colouring in it. And my shoes are open, the velcro is off. My shirt is the wrong way. AL
It was mismatching mufti day and JMC had her t-shirt on back to front. She had one pony tail and she has one shoe on and one boot. CN
I have my jumper on back to front. AL has a sock on and a sock off. AL has a mohawk. MR