Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Talking Success Criteria

We did some talking this morning and we recorded our voices in photostory so we could listen and come up with some ideas for good talking. We came up with 4 ideas to help us:

Have a listen to our talking and see if you agree with us!? You need to listen carefully to hear our soft, medium and loud talking then our slow, medium and fast talking and then the girls and boys read alternate lines of the rhyme. Who do you think was the best?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed listening to your Little Miss Muffet rhyme. We are learning nursery rhymes in my class as well. I liked it when you were speaking at a medium volume because I could hear the words the best. I did notice that everyone wasn't talking together which is one of the things you were focusing on. Maybe someone could point to the words next time so everyone reads together? Mrs Blackie

Anonymous said...

Girls and boys - both very well done. I think the boys were the best, though! It was hard to hear the words when you were talking quickly it's better to speak at a medium volume. Mrs B room 14

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