Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sesame Street Healthy Food Clip

Can you work out what the Cookie Monster is singing about?


Miss Rits said...

Dear Room 8,

We watched the cookie monster and figured out what he was singing about. We think he is singing about healthy food. We loved the video and it was cool. In the morning at our school we have a healthy snack time. We put our healthy snack on our tables when we come to school. Then we have our healthy snack half way through the morning block so our brains can keep thinking.

From Miss Rits and the TLC 5

room08sps said...

It was funny. SB
I thought it was about the Cookie Monster singing about healthy foods. KND
Vegetables were singing. AL
There was an apple. CA
There was broccoli. HW
There was an orange. GV
There was a pear. IR
Vegetables are healthy for you and make you strong. BH
The song was a bit silly and the Cookie Monster was singing rap and wearing rap necklaces. PM
The Cookie Monster threw the food up in the air. Room8 student
He said don't eat too many cookies!

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