Saturday, April 11, 2009

Letter of the Week Vv

Here is our first letter of the week video. We couldn't find lots of things in our classroom for the letter Vv. Can you think of anything else we could have taken photos of or found photos of on the internet? Ms F


Anonymous said...

Hi room 8. I thought your V Photostory was really cool. I have been thinking really hard to see if I could think of any other things that you coukd photograph that begin with V.
I thought of valuables-maybe some jewellery, the planet Venus and vowels-A, E, I, O, U.
Keep up the good work! Mrs B Room 14

Mrs P said...

Wow - Room 8 you are super smart with your "V" words. I was wondering what about "vacuum cleaner" - "v" is a tricky letter. Room 11 are going to enjoy visiting your blog, I am sure they will have lots of interesting ideas.
Go Room 8!!!! Mrs P Room 11

Mrs Taylor said...

Hi Room 8. I think using a digital camera is such a fun way to help you learn your letters. 'V' words are a little tricky, i wonder if you know what a Vault is ....
Have a super day
Mrs Taylor

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