Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Fruit Art!

What do you think about our awesome art work! We made it using salt dough. It looked like cookie dough but not the kind you would like to eat! Can you name the different types of fruit?

(Photos replaced using Picassa as previously shared using Bubbleshare.)


Mrs P said...

Even though you can't eat your fruit room 8 it does look rather tasty - especially the strawberries yum!!!

MrsB said...

What an awesome idea! Your fruit looks fabulous! It's making me feel hungry!
Mrs B Room 14

Room 11 SPS said...

hi room 8 how didn you make your fruit art look so realistic.Please tell me what you made this delicious fruit art with.From K.H

Room 11 SPS said...

Who created fruit number seventeen, it is really cool.From K.H

Cathy said...

Yum, these look good enough to eat! I love your blog! You have very clever teachers! Mrs W

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