Saturday, May 2, 2009

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

We have been looking at some paintings by Arcimboldo. We think they are funny but interesting because they are faces painted in fruit and vegetables! We have made a list of all the fruit and vegetables we can see. Can you find any we have missed? Ms F


room08sps said...

His nose is a pear GV. His hair is grapes CA and wheat SB. His forehead is a pumpkin AL. His cheeks were apples KND. His moustache is corn on the cob. I can see a big fat onion SB. On his chest are flowers.

room08sps said...

The top right picture of the man has a carrot for his nose MR and onions for his cheeks AL, there is lettuce for his hair JMC and he has a bowl on his head for a hat SB.

room08sps said...

The man at the top left has garlic hanging from his ears. His hair is leaves and cherries PM and he has a courgette AL or a cucumber BH for his nose. His mouth is grapes and peas KND.

Esther said...

Hey room 8 your blog is really cool!
I like the way you did two voki's, one veg with healthy foods and the koala is really cute.


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