Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Starter Activities...

In Room 8 we do different activities on the smartboard in the mornings, before the bell, to practise our skills. We made a map in Kidspiration on Monday and had lots of fun planning how to get to different places on the map. Can you name all the places we chose? Do you think we should add anything or take anything away? We will have another go when we've had some opinions from people! Thanks!

Today we had to show we were at school by finding and dragging our vehicle to the correct group in the parking lot! Can you name the different groups? Why do you think we have grouped the vehicles like this?


MrsB said...

I think you have grouped the different types of transport into cars, trucks, bikes and horse drawn things. Some of those car drivers need a few parking lessons, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice Rm8! I like your map that you did. I think you should put on cars and a plane on the first map, but the second one is wicked awsome! Because it has lots of awsome cars in a parking lot with carrigies, gosh! Even Motorbikes!!! I love you maps Rm8!!! KD

Room 15 said...

I think this part of the blog is awesome because my brothers name is on it and I thought it was me. My friends laughed at me for ages.

from CA

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