Thursday, August 20, 2009

Using Google Earth

Wow! Room 8 and Ms F had so much fun on Wednesday! We used Google Earth to zoom in on Picton Street and Cook Street in Howick and looked for different types of vehicles!

We did a tally to see how many of each type of vehicle we could spot on the streets. We were particularly interested in finding out whether more private or public transport is used in Howick. What do you think we learned?

We were a bit disappointed to find the bus stop on Picton Street with people waiting but no bus!


cathrin said...

It is really a building or what i am not getting any idea by watching that picture...

cathrin disusa

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Miss T said...

What a cool idea Room 8! I wonder how long the people at the bus stop had to wait for the bus? When I drive through Howick there is always lots of cars. I like the way you presented your information in a tally chart. Keep up the hard work!

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