Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jack be Nimble Nursery Rhyme

We learned Jack be Nimble as our poem last week and we did some work using rhyming words based on the riddle rhymes at:
Can you find the rhyming word in the poem that matches the words we changed?
He's using mortar to make them stick,
Watch him place the next red brick.
Tap, tap, tap on the shell so thick,
Then out will come the baby chick.
He was so happy, that guy named Nick,
That with his heel he gave a kick.
He wanted the fly but he had to be quick,
With his tongue he gave a lick.
Jack saw the ball, he got there quick
And with his foot he gave a kick.
He really didn't feel well that little guy named Rick,
In fact he was feeling awfully awfully sick.
Benny's new watch played a trick
It never went tock it only went tick.
Can you think of any other rhyming words we could use?


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