Monday, October 19, 2009

Gala Mufti Day

Last Wednesday we had a fun mufti day to raise money for our school Gala which is coming up on 22nd November. We had to wear mismatching clothes and had lots of giggles checking out the different outfits. The teachers and children dressed up. We did some writing to describe the things we saw and we took photos but we remembered not to show faces to make sure we were being cybersafe. Can you spot the clothes that are mismatched? You need to look carefully because some things are tricky to find! Can you see what Ms F did that was odd? Can you see the photos that match our writing?
I have five pony tails in my hair and it looks cute. I am wearing a jersey that has stripes on it. I am wearing stockings that are stripy. GV
At mismatching mufti day I'm wearing a t-shirt back to front. I was wearing a boot and a sandle. I'm wearing spots and plain and stripes. JMC
I have a spiky mohawk with blue, red and green food colouring in it. And my shoes are open, the velcro is off. My shirt is the wrong way. AL
It was mismatching mufti day and JMC had her t-shirt on back to front. She had one pony tail and she has one shoe on and one boot. CN
I have my jumper on back to front. AL has a sock on and a sock off. AL has a mohawk. MR


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