Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Queen of Hearts writing

This morning we watched a video from Alice in wonderland and then we did writing. We had to write what she looks like what she sounds like and if we like her,. Noone did. if you want to wotch the video click on the blue word video.

I don't like the Queen of hearts because she is bossy and mean. The Queen of hearts' dress is black and white and red like a ladybird and she is too tall. CN
She is angry like a dinosaur. I don't like her because she is bossy. She has a red dress with a white trim at the bottom of the dress. She sounds like a gorilla. MR
I hate the Queen of hearts. She is bossy and when she is really angry she goes red in the face. She gets really furious and she sounds like she will blow up! I really don't like her. AL
The Queen of hearts is really mean like a bully. Her voice sounds low. I don't like her because she's mean. Under her dress the stripes remind me of a bee. JMC
The Queen of hearts is really mean and she has a loud voice like thunder. The Queen of hearts sounds like an angry monster. Her dress looks like a ladybird. GV


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