Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally finished!

We finished our voicethred today because we had a bit of trobble with the sound. We hope it is okay now but think it is a bit quiet. What do you think? Can you tell the yellow thinking hat ideas and the blak thinking ideas?

Sorry still having technical problems with our voicethread. Watch this space we should be with you shortly after we record tomorrow for the 3rd time! Hopefully it's 3rd time lucky (Ms F).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Using Google Earth

Wow! Room 8 and Ms F had so much fun on Wednesday! We used Google Earth to zoom in on Picton Street and Cook Street in Howick and looked for different types of vehicles!

We did a tally to see how many of each type of vehicle we could spot on the streets. We were particularly interested in finding out whether more private or public transport is used in Howick. What do you think we learned?

We were a bit disappointed to find the bus stop on Picton Street with people waiting but no bus!

Motorbikes Thinking Hats!

We put our thinking hats on this morning and used the yellow and the black hat to give an opinion to the question: Should people ride motorbikes? We looked at some photos and then we recorded our ideas in a table and voted to answer the question.

What did most people think?

After that we did some writing and have been busy recording our ideas into voicethread. We haven't quite finished because we decided after listening to our first voicethread that we needed to practise a bit more to do a better job this time. Watch this space it's coming soon...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Starter Activities...

In Room 8 we do different activities on the smartboard in the mornings, before the bell, to practise our skills. We made a map in Kidspiration on Monday and had lots of fun planning how to get to different places on the map. Can you name all the places we chose? Do you think we should add anything or take anything away? We will have another go when we've had some opinions from people! Thanks!

Today we had to show we were at school by finding and dragging our vehicle to the correct group in the parking lot! Can you name the different groups? Why do you think we have grouped the vehicles like this?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blends Video

How many words can you see and hear that start with a 2 letter blend? Can you make a list of them in your comment?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big Wheelie Wednesday

We had a really fun time on the big courts this morning. We brought in things with big wheels to share. We took turns riding round the court safely. We all had to go the same way. There was a few crashes but noone got hurt. We did a mindmap when we got back to the classroom then we did some writing and Ms F helped us record our ideas about some of the photos we took. We had so much fun. Can you give us any advice on how we can improve our speaking after listening to our voicethread?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our exciting motorbike experience!

Today all the Pod 1 classes met on the netball courts and had a look at 2 different motorbikes. One was a traditional style and the other was modern looking. We looked carefully at the bikes to see how they were similar and different. We took turns taking photos of the bikes. Then we listened carefully to see if they sounded different! When we went back to our classrooms we did a venn diagram to show all the things we noticed. Have a look at our collage of the photos we took can you tell which bike is which from the information in the venn diagram?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our first voicethread!

We had a go making a voicethread to accompany our photos for our letter of the week objects beginning with the letter 'h' today. We think the audio is a bit quiet so we are going to have another go tomorrow with a different headset. See if you can hear our voices, are some people easier to understand? Can you tell us your opinion to help us get better at using this tool please?

Thanks, Ms F

Letter of the Week gr and gl blends by LC

Last week we had G as our letter of the week but we looked at things that start with the gr and gl blends and today in writing time LC made a slideshow in photostory. She added labels with different colours and transitions and chose some music to go with the slideshow! She is very clever.

Wheelie Wednesday Slideshow by SB

Today in writing time SB made a slideshow using the photos we took on Wheelie Wednesday. The children took turns taking 3 photos each and making sure we were being cybersafe by not taking shots of faces. SB added some lebsl for the photos. Can you give us your opinion please?