Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trip to Motat

Room 8 went to Motat last week. We had so much fun. We did some writing about what we saw, heard, felt and also what we liked the BEST. Can you find descriptive words in our writing? Can you find the similes? JMC made a slideshow to share some of the photos we took.

When we went to Motat there was only one thing we could touch and sit in except for the Game Zone games. There was an army tank and a fire engine and a steam engine. We went on a tram, it got bump, it was fun. There was not enough seats so some people had to stand up and held on to handles. When we got off we saw planes. Outside the Game Zone were whisper dishes. When we went in the car I drove! JMC sat next to me and Miss B sat in the back. We got to turn the handle. The car had no seat belts. I don't think it was safe. I learned that steam engines need steam to go. Trams need electricity to go. Trams go on tram tracks. KND

I went on the tram. The tram is green and yellow. You don't have to drive it, you have to steer it. LC

At Motat I saw a steam train. MRz

The tram was green. They run by elecricity. I went on the tram. I like the tram because it is green. All of room 8 rode on it. SB

The car had no seat belts. I went in the car. I helped drive the car. We all went on the tram. I liked the mirror maze. I went on the wobbly table. JMC

At Motat I saw a yellow bus with black wheels on it. JE

I saw a green tram. I had a ride on it. The green car had soft seats. I went in the steam from the steam train. My favourite thing was the mirror maze. IR

At Motat my favourite thing was sitting in the car. SR

I saw a rocket ship at Motat. The rocket ship is blue and white. The rocket ship goes up to the roof. My favourite thing is the talking thing. MR

The train track is black. The train is yellow like a sun. The wheels are black too like a laptop. CN


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