Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Firewise opinions by the Lollies and Cookies Writing groups

Have a read of some of these great stories. The children have given their opinions. Sometimes they are easy to spot because they start with 'I think' sometimes they are harder to spot. Can you find the children who wrote their opinion?

If there is a fire you have to get down, get low, get out. But if there is a fire on your clothes you stop, drop and roll. You should not play with matches you might get on fire and get yucky burned hands. Dial 111 if there is a fire but if you are in bed and the fire is in your bedroom you have to get out your window. LC

When there is a fire I should get down, get low, get out and tell Mummy and Daddy that there is a fire! And if you clothes burn you stop, drop and roll. And if your bedroom is on fire you should get out and stay out. And if there is a fire your mum or dad should dial 111. SB
I don't think kids should play with matches or lighters they could set a fire. A fire can be outside or inside. Smoke comes from a fire. A big bit of smoke could nearly kill you. If your clothes get on fire you gotta stop, drop and roll. Fire could burn you really badly. We can tell an adult to dial 111. Some fire are safe and some aren't. KND

The fire was an emergency. We have to tell an adult and the adult can put out the fire. AS
I don't think children should put out fires because they could burn them. And if your bedroom is on fire you should stop, drop and roll. Children shouldn't play with matches or lighters. IR

Candles are dangerous because you will knock it over and it will start a fire. PM
An enormous bonfire is dangerous because if you walk into it you will have to go to hospital. I got burnt by hot water when I was making pasta and I had to run it under water. Fire is good and bad because the fire that is bad can go very high but the good fire doesn't go very high. I have nearly tipped a candle over! AL

A safe fire has a glass door. A dangerous fire is lots and lots of flames. If there is a fire you could dial 111. Heaters are safe. Candles are not safe. GV

Kids can't play with lighters and matches. They might make a fire. Heaters are safe. Candles are not safe because they might make a fire. JMC


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