Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trip to Motat

Can you find the descriptive words in our writing about Motat?

Motat on PhotoPeach

I did see planes and I went in the plane house. I had fun on the tram ride! And Fiona had a map. AS

The old green car has no seat belts. It is old. The seats are old. BH

The army tank is very slow like a slug. It was used in the army. I like the army tank because my pop went to war. AL

I saw a bus that was green and it had lots of windows but you couldn't go in the bus because it was closed. I liked the mirror maze because it was confusing that's why I liked the mirror maze. GV

At Motat I saw a little plane. It was yellow. LMc

The tram was green. I went to look at the car. CMc

At Motat I saw a steam train. JD

The train carries lots of people. The green car is old. The bus got to the bus stop. ES

The green car looks rusty and it had a little window. It has no seat belts. HW

The army tank is very strong like a jet. It has a gun on the top and it has tracks. My favourite part of Motat was the maze. PM


Room 15 Sunnybrae Normal School said...

Hi Room8
We like your blog it is very interesting and colourful. We watched your slide show and answered the questions. We liked the noise you used to count down from 5. Great photos. We read your stories and found your descriptive words - wow you are doing a great job.
From Room 15 Sunnybrae Normal School

Fab 5's Blog said...

I loved your slide show. I'm sure everyone will enjoy answering your questions.
Great job.

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