Thursday, June 25, 2009

Funny Food Faces!

Yesterday in writing we made some food faces with bread! We used something fruit or vegetables for the eyes, nose, mouth and hair. We thought the faces looked very funny! We did some great writing describing what the faces looked like. We had to think about the colours, shapes and size of the fruit and vegetables. We are going to choose the 4 best pieces of writing to be published next week.

(Photos replaced using as slideshow previously shared using bubbleshare).

Here is our fabulous writing. Can you guess what the faces looked like?

The face has an orange carrot nos. The eyes are green circles. BH

My face has a carrot nose and it has spaghetti hair. It is curly and it is hard. JMC

The eyes are green circles. My face has yellow worms for hair. It looks sparkly. The colourful face has an orange nose. CN

My face has a little tomato nose and grape eyes. SR

My face has got a red tomato nose. CA

The grape is oval and purple. The cherry has a stem. The mouth is a tomato a red tomato. It looks like a moon. The tomato is little. SB

My hair looks like green lettuce. The cherries are purple. I wanted hair like spaghetti. I need to make another toast. The mouth will be a banana. AS

It has a mandarin. It has a nose that is a mushroom that is upside down. The tomato is the red eyes that look like the sun. AL

My face has a raisin mouth. It has a red tomato nose. It has oval grapes for eyes. MRZ

My face is long. The hair is hard spirals. The eyes are round. It has green eyes. HW

The little tomato eyes look like a red sun. It has curly sprouts for the hair and the big mushroom is the nose. And the orange mandarin is the mouth. PM

My face has carrot hair. It has grapes for eyes. LMcC

My face is a bread face. It has brown raisins for a mouth. ES


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