Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Food Rainbow Similes

The apples are round like balls. The tomatoes are red like the sunset. HW

Strawberries, raspberries, apples and watermelon are my favourite and red lettuce. AS

The oranges are like an orange ball. The pumpkin are orange like a bumblebee. ES

The carrots are orange like a ball that is light orange. GV

Carrots look like fingers and oranges look like balls and pumpkin looks like a big ball too! Anon

Bananas are yellow like the sun. And lemons are like a sour worm or a drink. AL

Bananas are like a phone. IR

The bananas are yellow like the sun. The lemons are yellow like a yellow star. LMcC

The broccoli are green like trees. The lettuce is green like grass. BH

The broccoli are like a tree. The peas are like little balls. IR

The blueberries look like a packet of peas and the blackberries look like dirty dog footprints. PM

The blackberries are blue like the blue sky. The blueberries are like the sea. MR

The eggplant are violet like a sunset. The kumara are violet like purple jelly. JMC

Purple and violet grapes are like jingly bells. An eggplant looks like a stalk. A kumara looks like a purple pear. KND

The cauliflowers are white like fluffy, white clouds. The garlic is white like popcorn. CN

The white mushrooms are like an umbrella. The white cauliflower is like a cloud. The round potatoes are like balls. SB


Room 11 SPS said...

Wow those sound like GREAT similes!!!! I hope you put some more fantastic work on your blogs.


Room 11 SPS said...

I love your blog it is so cool and great thinking ideas. from tw

Anonymous said...

wow room8 sure are healthy!
CB room12

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