Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Food Rainbow!

We wrote similes today in writing. We made a word bank of all the different fruits and vegetables for each colour of the rainbow. We did lots of talking with different buddies and Ms F put the timer on so we could tell when to stop thinking of ideas and share with the class. Can you think of any fruit and vegetables we have missed? We found blue and violet tricky colours. We are going to publish our similes soon.


Lauren Rits said...

We had fun looking at all the fruit and vegetables you came up with for each colour.
You did a really great job! How about a plum for violet and kiwifruit for green?
Learning Centre 5

Anonymous said...

It was fun macking the food rainbow room8.KND

MrsB said...

Wow! you have been really creative in sharing about coclours. You might like to have a look at our Photo Stories on colour. Don't forget to give us some feedback! Mrs B Room 14.

Anonymous said...

Your Food Rainbow is so cool because there are all these Similies and your Rhymes, I also think that your pictures are cool especially the bee and the pumpkins. KD

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