Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2D Shapes Slideshow

We went for a walk around our playground and took turns taking photos of 2D and 3D shapes. Then we practised putting them into a slideshow using the smartboard and the data projector. Some of us are going to make our own slideshows next week. We had lots of fun trying the different effects! Come and look again soon for more slideshows.


Anonymous said...

that sounds fun
from lb

Mrs P said...

Fantastic 2D and 3D shape hunting Room 8 around our playground, you are very smart. I like the way your shapes are in the centre of your photographs.

You must have held your camera very still to stop the picture from being blurred. Well done, forgot to mention the funky music.

Anonymous said...

JK said ...
I like th slideshow.Practising putting them into a slideshow that will be hard room 8.
From Jk room 11

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