Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The evolution of dance!

We have just started a fun unit on dance this week. We did a mindmap of out ideas about dance and then we watched a video and added more ideas. We added our 2nd lot of ideas in red, look at everything we thought of after watching the clip! Can you think of anything else we could add?


Mrs Taylor said...

Your classroom sounds so exciting. Dance is such a fun topic to explore. There are so many different kinds of dance,i wonder what your favorite ones are!!!

Miss R said...

Wow we think you watched an interesting video and came up with lots of ideas about dancing. We liked the Michael Jackson song and Kung Fu Panda. We hope that you enjoy your unit and learn lots of new things. Next week we will have some new things on our blog and would love for you to see it.
From Learning Centre 5

Rachel from Room 9 NCS said...

That is so cool that you have been looking at that video Room 8! Last year my class of Year 2's performed a dance at our production based on "The Evolution of Dance". We had to change a few moves but I bet you'll recognise it!
Check it out:

From Rachel
Class Teacher
Room 9 Nelson Central

Superkidz said...

We love your blog,the dance concert things are really funny!WE like the blue,purple, green, red, orange, yellow and pink cars.
From E.O M.L

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