Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Disney's Cars

We watched the 'Cars' clip today with Room 1 and we talked about all the different features of the vehicles. We learned two new words: spoiler and mags and we talked about all the different reasons why the vehicles have their particular features. A lot of us had seen the movie 'Cars' so we could share ideas about the car's personalities too. We did a mindmap together to help us with our writing and then after we'd finished our writing we chose some excellent examples to be published here.

Mater is rusty and he has a hook. He is Lightning Mcqueen's friend. He pulls cars out of the mud and when cars have lost a wheel. AL
Sally is blue and fast. She has 2 doors and polished wheels. ES
Rookie is a rectangle shape. On the side he has a number it is ninety-five. MR
Sally is blue like the sky. She looks fast and she is a posh car. Sally is shiny like a diamond and she is polished. KND
Lightning Mcqueen is red and he is nice because he has a smile. CN
Sally is a nice car. She is blue like sky. She is a posh and beautiful girl. SB


Room 1 said...

Thank you for inviting us to talk about the Cars characters. We really enjoyed looking at the clip with you and it helped us to write some descriptions of our favourite characters.

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