Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Herbie Writing

Today we watched some excerpts from the Herbie movie with all the other children in Pod 1. We helped make a mind map with lots of ideas about what he looks like, sounds like and what kind of car Herbie is! Then we did some drawings thinking about showing some of Herbie's personality. Then we took photos of our drawings and made a photostory. We typed our ideas into it. Ms F is going to load the photostory tomorrow.

Here is the finished photostory. We chose the music from the songs we are learning this Term and because it's about a car. Can you listen carefully to find out what kind of car the song is about? (Clue: It's not about a Beetle)!


Superkidz said...

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Superkidz said...

Cool blog guys!this is awesome we love the dancing comedian and the koala.Hope you like ours too!,why dont you check it out?cya,says Ms and Cm.

Anonymous said...

nice song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B.H

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