Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Budgie the Little Helicopter

Watch this short clip and see what different vehicles you can spot. What kind of character do you think Budgie is? What can you see him doing that helps you with your opinion?

After we watched this clip we created a mindmap and used it to help us do great writing. We are getting good at finding words in a word bank and copy them accurately. We chose some good examples of writing that fit the criteria to share.

Budgie is a helpful helicopter. Budgie has a yellow cap with a blue B on it. Budgie has a blue body. Budgie's sound is brrrr. GV
Budgie has a yellow cap with a B on. He has blades on him that go trrrrrr. Budgie is nice. JMC
Budgie is very kind to other vehicles. He would help them when there is an emergency. Budgie is mainly blue and yellow and he has a yellow cap with a blue B on it. If Budgie was real he would be a very good friend to have. I like Budgie. KND
I watched a video about Budgie is helpful because he saved the train. He is blue and he has a yellow cap on. AS
Budgie is kind he has a B on his hat. He has a blue body. The propellor goes like this: brrrrrrrrr!!! SB


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